MvK-IT Data analysis

All the SEO data in the world

Providing you with all the data to give you a edge when trading in the crypto or stock market. This project and page is built by a group of students and is used as a learning experience and we hope that our learnings and new found logic benefits you!


Main Feautres

Data mining

We use API's along with effective data processing at the input level to mine the best data possible. On top of this we extensively filter out bots so make sure our data is nothing but the best.

Data storage

We store all of our data in databases with a relational structure which allows for infinite analysis. This coupled with our no throw away policy gives us the edge.

Data analysis

We make us of traditional as well as out of the box methods of data analysis, This will hopefully put you one step ahead of the rest on the crypto and stock market.

Current Projects

We are currently focusing all of our projects around easy to write and copy python scripts

Python SEO multi page checker

Follow here or the image below to find out more

SEO page checker project Logo

Using this script you will be able to sift through hundreds of web pages in order to analyse the major winners and losers of google algo updates effectivley. It uses Excel as a input and output and is a one class script so it is reall

Client: In House Project

Skills: Python, Selenium, webdriver's

Twitter sentiment analysis

Follow here or the image below to find out more

Project Logo

We have built a program that takes in tweets and then uses AI to analyze the sentiment (Feeling) behind these tweets. We are hoping to use this to price relating to the subject matter eg. bitcoin goes. To build this project we made use of python and specifically the Tweepy API. We then used a hugging face library to analyze what percentage positive and negative the tweets were.

Client: In House Project

Skills: Python, Tweepy API, Database management


We offer the following services as standards, for other requirements please contact us directly


Basic Excel Data

  • Mined web data
  • Proccessed
  • Cleaned
  • Neatly inserted into excel documents for convienience

Help with my own scripts

  • Will give personal help
  • Join video call and help
  • Help with complete process of start to end

Helping you write scripts

  • Help with writing SEO scripts
  • Will first have a 1 on 1 to determine parameteres
  • Can cater to your needs of the scripts
  • Can help with version control as well

Our Brands

We make use of the following technologies to assist us

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We are a group of students looking to make a break through into the world of mining, storing and analyzing data. This site is where we will post our products as well as our results. Check out our blog below to see what we are currently up to.

Team Members

We are a small team of students with career paths leaning towards the math's, science and data spaces.

Max von Klemperer


I am beginning a career in computer science. I have a passion for problem solving and analyzing the data available to solve these problems.

    Michael de Laat


    Main website designer and maintenance member. Going to begin a career in graphic design. Not involved with data team.

      Stellenbosch Tutors

      A group BSE students

      Sometime we need more resources than we have at our normal disposale and so we are partnered with Stellenbosch Tutors

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